About me

My name is Nguyen Anh Toan. You can call me Jeremy. I live in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. I am a Full-stack Web Developer.

I would like to blog about technology, culture, gadgets, diversity, lifestyle, code, the web, where we’re going and where we’ve been. I’m excited about community, media, entrepreneurship and above all, the open web. I also have passion with music.

Why do I blog?

I want to share my knowledge to everybody who has passion in programming like me.

Sometimes, I have to do something I have not known before, so I need to research, but not always have good informations, so I try to make a good tutorial about what I have done for the newcomers like I was.

Sometimes, just for selfish reasons. I needed a way to keep track of software development over time, whatever I am thinking about or working on. I research things I find interesting, then document my research with a public blog post, which I can easily find and refer to later. Hopefully other people will find these posts helpful, relevant, or interesting. I firmly believe that blogs are a two way conversation, so I welcome email and comments – as long as they’re on topic, more or less.

Subscribe me?

I would love it if you would subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed. I’m also on Google+, and Facebook.

If you just want to email me, go ahead send an email to [email protected] but be nice and make sure you Googled around a bit before you do. 😉